Praktica W10x50P binocular

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    The Praktica classic 10x50 provides high-definition images that will please the most discerning observer. The Praktica Bk-7 optics and solid, metal mechanics mark this bino out with distinction! This is a solid, well-made binocular that will provide years of service delivering top notch views.

    Large comfortable eyepieces The Praktica 10x50 features large eyepieces and fold-down eye-cups making the binocular ideal for spectacle and non spectacle wearers alike.

    These binos are a great general use size and are regarded as one of the standard size for serious wildlife watching, astronomy and other night or poor light viewing activities. With a good relationship between magnification and aperture, the 10x50 size will deliver bright images with stunning detail. This size has great light gathering power and will show the user a much brighter twilight image than most higher magnification sizes.

    The Praktica 10x50 is a serious binocular for the discerning observer: all prisms are Bk-7 glass with all glass surfaces fully anti-reflection coated to minimise reflections and maximise image brightness and contrast.

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  Highly recommended
By flyingbird1 on 27 Jul 2014 21:52PM

This binocular is great for day time terrestrial viewing and stargazing at night. No need for a tripod, it can be comfortably handheld.

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  Good for price
By eric555 on 09 Jul 2014 19:43PM

brilliant purchase. highly recommended

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  Highly recommended!
By eric555 on 09 Jul 2014 19:43PM

great purchase. works well as a companion to my 8" DOB

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